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Darnell Woods | ALLEGIANT UTILITY SERVICES 150 150 Probewell

We reached out to Probewell Lab for information regarding their ST-3/XT3 portable CT-rated site tester and MT-1/WT3 meter testing products. After an online and field site demo we were allowed to “test drive” the units for a period of time. The portability and ease of use of the units is outstanding! The reports generated by Probewell Connect 2.0 companion app which can be ran from android or iOS devices are concise and give the ability to report findings to the customer from the field. A huge plus for us was the responsiveness of Field Support Manager Joe Puffenbarger. He went above and beyond in answering questions and actually returned to do a field site follow up. We highly recommend using Probewell Lab for anyone’s site and meter testing needs.

Joshua T. McDonald | Metering Foreman | Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

Joshua T. McDonald | Metering Foreman | Rappahannock Electric Cooperative 150 150 Probewell

As a Rappahannock Electric Cooperative customer utilizing the MT-1/WT3 Meter Tester and ST-3/XT3 Site Analyzer from Probwell Lab, I must express my satisfaction with the performance and reliability of these instruments. Firstly, the WT3 Meter Tester has proven to be an invaluable asset in our operations. Its accuracy and efficiency in verifying meter functionality have significantly streamlined our workflow, allowing us to quickly identify and address any issues with meters. This has helped us ensure the accuracy of billing and maintain customer satisfaction. Additionally, the XT3 Site Analyzer has exceeded our expectations in terms of its capabilities and ease of use. Its advanced features, such as signal analysis and frequency scanning, have been instrumental in troubleshooting and optimizing our network infrastructure. The portability of the XT3 Site Analyzer has also made it convenient for our field technicians to carry out on-site diagnostics efficiently.

Overall, both the WT3 Meter Tester and XT3 CT-Rated Site Analyzer have played crucial roles in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations here at Rappahannock Electric Cooperative. 

Michael Greene | Fairfield Electric Cooperative

Michael Greene | Fairfield Electric Cooperative 150 150 Probewell

The Probewell Meter Tester offers everything you need within one product, including the new WiFi unit. Being able to test most meter forms and install the unit at the meter base onsite, whether single- or three-phase, it allows members and the Co-op to get accuracy within minutes instead of days, saving time and money by not having to make a return trip to put the meter back in once tested.

We have used a Probewell meter tester for over 10 years now and we have not had any issues with the unit.
They are reasonably priced and everyone within company is easy to work with.

Shantel Lorenz | UPPCO

Shantel Lorenz | UPPCO 150 150 Probewell

Positives: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

My company recently purchased two MT-1/WT3 watthour meter testers.
I had a few questions on their software and they responded within minutes!

Their customer service is top-notch and we are very pleased with these test units.

Todd Eckelbarger | Peru Utilities

Todd Eckelbarger | Peru Utilities 150 150 Probewell

I purchased the Probewell MT-1/WT3 portable meter tester in January of 2021 and cannot say how pleased I am with this product.
It works just as marketed and the support is spot on.

I was asked for feedback after a few months and was genuinely listened to about an improvement in the app I would like to see and they responded that in the updated version of the app, it would have that improvement in it.

Awesome product and support!