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Welcome to Probewell Lab


Probewell Lab is a leading manufacturer of high-accuracy measurement instruments for power utilities.

Probewell Lab | Mission


Through our expertise and constant innovation, we develop cutting-edge field testing technologies that deliver a premier solution for utility companies when it comes to quality, ease of use, sturdiness and customer satisfaction.

Probewell Lab | Vision


Generating added value for utilities and their customers by means of innovative products that provide accurate data driven insight as well as flexibility and efficiency.

Explore our Career Opportunities

Probewell Lab | Electrical Engineering | Career | Programmer | Manufacturer | Work in Production

Work in Software & Engineering

Put your talent and ideas to work developing cutting-edge products designed for the ever changing needs of the power utility industry. We collaborate on complex technology challenges related to developing, deploying and maintaining new line of products to help power utilities improve productivity and efficiency.

  • Front End Developer
  • R&D Technician
  • Electronics Designer
  • Embedded programmer
Probewell Lab | Career | Manufacturer | Work in Production

Work in Assembly & Production

Want to grow professionally by tackling new manufacturing challenges with other highly skilled experts—and colleagues with fresh perspectives? Make a difference for utilities and their customers who rely on our sturdy metering solutions every day to ensure the facilities accuracy and performance meets the highest expectations.

  • Assembler Precision welder
  • Electronics assembly technician
Probewell Lab | Sales@probewell,.com | Admin Career | Sales Career | Electrical Engineering | Career | Programmer | Manufacturer | Work in Production

Work in Customers Experience

As a manufacturer we are always on the lookout for new talent to become trusted advisor to the leading power utilities in the US and South America and bring to them the testing and reporting solutions they need to maintain and futureproof their residential, commercial and industrial electrical installation. 

  • Sales Engineer & Sales Rep
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Graphic Designer

Job opening

Consult the directory of available jobs and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can always express your interest by sending us a spontaneous application.

Convenient location

Probewell is located in the heart of the Quebec Metro High Tech Park, you can get here by car, use the bike path and we are also close to public transportation services.

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