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Probewell Webinar | Meter testing solution | Probewell Connect | MT-1/WT3

Webinar: MT-1/WT3 Technical Demo

Thursday, December 3rd, 10:30 AM ET


Use the full potential of the MT-1/WT3, the ultralight meter tester packed with powerful functionalities.


Discover how to quickly setup the deviceand speed-up the testing process without ever compromising safety.


Webinar Probewell | ST-3/XT3: Technical Demo | Transformer Rated Wireless Site Tester

Webinar: ST-3/XT3 Technical Demo

Watch the recording now!


Access the full power of the ST-3/XT3 with the Probewell Connect App to make a complete quality assessment of your metering installations.


Improve your ROI by making the ST-3/XT3 part of you everyday operations.



Meter testing made easy

The first meter tester with Wifi technology!

Introducing our new MT-1/WT3 polyphase watthour meter tester. Easy set-up and user-friendliness translate to a safer operation. Complete diagnostic in less than 8 minutes!

MT1-WT3 et responsive
Now available

Pushing ease of use to the next level

The official companion app to our wireless testers.

Make testing a breeze with your mobile device. Get our new app, Probewell Connect, on iOS, Android or Windows.
Probewell | USB Device

Notice: Firmware Update
may be needed for USB Device
purchased prior to 2014.

Planning to upgrade your operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 10?
You will need to update the firmware of your USB device first.

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10 with a firmware update*

All units purchased after 2014 are delivered with the updated firmware and no further action is required.

Bringing Value



Quick set-up, an intelligent self-discovery capacity in an intuitive interface, and really portable. For more tests per day.



Built to last. Durable beyond expectation. The sturdiness of our products is at an uncommonly high level.



NIST traceable accuracy provided by on-board standards. Remarkably stable over time, in any environment.



No wiring to set-up, a truly lightweight design and testing at a distance all maximizes safety for users.

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