Probewell | XT Series | ST-3/XT3 Transformer-Rated Site Tester | CT Tester

Designed for precision and efficiency

Full RMS and line cycle measurement of both primary and secondary current and voltage

Rooted at its core is high-performance multiphase energy metering circuitry.

Thereby allowing a full RMS and line cycle measurement of both secondary (at the meter base) and primary (with accessories) currents and voltages.

In short, the ST3/XT3 offers elaborate test modes that can leverage such measurements to assess the power quality on the secondary side or perform a complete transformer ratio analysis.

Plug & Play

Connect the CT and PT measurement accessories directly to one of the two port on the front of the device to perform ratio of burden tests.

Compatible input voltage

The ST-3/XT3 is powered directly from the meter base for quick and easy setup.

From 100 to 480 VAC between phase and neutral