Probewell Live Webinar:
MT-1/WT3 Technical Demo

Probewell | MT-1/WT3 | Wireless Meter Tester

Small but Mighty!

MT-1/WT3 Technical Demo

Thursday, December 3 2020
10:30 am ET


Weight: 6.4 lbs
Size: 6.9″ X 6.7″
Typical Accuracy:  ±0.02
Built-in WiFi

Probewell | MT-1/WT3 | Wireless Meter Tester

Topics Overview:

Use the full potential of the MT-1/WT3
The ultralight meter tester packed with powerful functionalities

Manage the risk
Discover how to quickly setup the deviceand speed-up
the testing process without ever compromising safety.

Minimize human errors
Minimize the time spent doing clerical work and
redundant tasks by automating the report process.

Best practices
Work “ahead of the game” in order to save time and money in the long run,
adopt the MT-1/WT3 as a standard tool for quality assurance process.

Probewell Connect
The advanced, yet simple solution literally at your fingertips.
Create reliable reports in CSV or PDF format
and share your findings via email.


Learn More About Probewell Connect

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Carl Giroux | Director of Business Development | Probewell Lab Inc.

Carl Giroux

Director of Business Development

As part of its business development role at Probewell, one of Carl's key responsibilities is to ensure that the communication channels between customers and Probewell's engineering team remain open and responsive. Enabling a mutually beneficial business relationship that will lead to better and more efficient products in the future.

Mariana Napoli | Sales and Marketing Director | Probewell Lab Inc.

Mariana Napoli

Sales & Marketing Director

Mariana spearheads the customer experience at Probewell, she oversees every aspect and provide a smooth customer journey, her in-depth knowledge of our products and the electrical utility industry makes her an invaluable resource when it comes to advice and guidance for our business partners.

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