Cost-effective Approach to Utility Revenue Protection

Cost-effective Approach to Utility Revenue Protection

Cost-effective Approach to Utility Revenue Protection 150 150 Probewell
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The core business of utilities is the sale of energy, most of the net benefits are concentrated on a handful of clients denominated as C&I (Commercial & Industrial). They represent a small percentage of utility customers, but account for the largest volume of energy consumption.

Mariana Napoli | Sales and Marketing Director | Probewell Lab Inc.
Mariana Napoli
Sales Director

Revenue protection is an important part for any business that operates over an extended period of time. When it comes to the commercial and indultrial (C&I) market, it is imperative to maintain peak performance installations at all times. Undetected problems in the C&I market can result in exponential revenue loss for every month that a problem goes unresolved.


The revenue loss equation is quite simple:

Energy consumption x Rate x Error % x Number of months = Revenue Lost

The potential risk for a customer installations range from wiring problems to defective installations, faulty equipment and even tampering.

As opposed to damage control, routine inspection or preventive maintenance has two positive impacts, allowing utilities to detect these issues before they ever impact their ROI as well as providing the baseline to analyzing future test results.

Addressing quality concerns early in transformer-rated installation by means of preventive maintenance is a good approach to revenue protection.

[vc_empty_space][vc_message icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-exclamation-circle”]While mitigating the risks, utilities can also save their field crew an entire days’ worth of work… Every week [/vc_message]

Less Time per inspection, More Preventive Maintenance

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In addition to revenue protection, hense ­having a better ROI, being able to perform inspections in 20 minutes or less, instead of 2 hours, allows electrical companies to invest more in preventive maintenance without affecting there bottom line since they are spending six time less on wage per inspection.


Indeed, only if the site tester is intuitive and easy to use will the inspection process be accelerated. This is possible given that technicians spend less time per test as well as avoiding redundant clerical and administrative tasks.


Boosting customers confidence

As opposed to damage control, implementing a ­quality ­assurance program is a proactive avenue to address ­quality concerns by means of preventive maintenance, thereby lowering the risk factor for utilities and boosting customers confidence.

Preventive maintenance is a smart way to catch failures, such as rusty wires, faulty installations, defective equipment and tampering, before they become real problems.

All of this is made possible and accessible to utilities who opt for the right socket-type site tester.


Explore six failure scenarios,
their potential cost and
how to prevent them:

Probewell | White Paper | Transformer Rated Site Tester | Revenue Protection | What are the key technical and non-technical risks of utilities revenue loss and how can they be prevented?



Transformer Rated Wireless Site Tester

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Why testing from the meter base?

A site tester that connects directly to the meter base minimizes any safety risk and human error that could result in lost revenue. In fact, the tester reads exactly what the meter sees, tests the entire system, and gets real data in real time straight from the meter base. All these features contribute to improved performance and further reduce revenue loss.


No need to trade the ­performance of the installati­ons for team ­productivity.

It is in the utilities’ best interest to choose a portable site tester that guarantees them a fast, effective response and reliability in order to optimize their technicians’ productivity and maximize their ROI.

Choosing the right site tester to perform the necessary inspection is crucial for identifying the sources of revenue loss and being able to fix them adequately. But it also has other benefits.


Probewell XT Series Eransformer Rated Site Tester

Enhance Utilities ROI on the Go


Complete site diagnostic within 20 minutes (including setup time).


+ Make full data-driven assessment of CT and PT performance

+ Get timestamped  traceable reports

+ Enhance productivity with task automation

+ Share your findings instantly (CSV or PDF)

+ Get actionable insights to enable fast, effective response and maximize productivity.

+ Never compromise safety


Probewell socket-type wireless field testers are the baseline for utilities looking to minimize risk while enhancing their productivity and profitability on the go.


It allows you to perform a site diagnostic by thoroughly assessing electrical installations, securely records, and easily share critical insights needed to help make evidence-based decisions. All the while minimizing risks, enhancing team productivity and time management


How does it work?

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Available test:
Probewell | Probewell Connect app | Test | Power Quality (PQ) Power Quality
Probewell | Probewell Connect app | Test | Phasors Phasors
Probewell | Probewell Connect app | Test | Real-Time Waveform Real-time Waveform
Probewell | Probewell Connect app | Test | Total Harmonic Distortion Total Harmonic Distortion
Probewell | Probewell Connect app | Test | CT & PT Ratios Test Primary and Secondary Analysis
Probewell | Probewell Connect app | Test | CT Burden Burden
Probewell | Probewell Connect app | Test | Admittance Admittance