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Handheld Control Keypad

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Replacement Handheld Remote

All NT models comes with a handheld remote included to control the tester. When damaged, the handheld can be replaced with new one. Each remote has a serial number at the back, please contact us and reference that number when requesting for this part. Spare coiled cable not included.

SKU: 9910-3505

On WT models, the tester does not include a handheld control keypad as it can be controlled from any wireless device. The handheld control keypad is optional. To request a quote, please have the tester model and serial number on hand. Coiled cable included.

Note: when handheld control keypad is used with a WT models, the test results are stored inside the handheld and to retrieve the date, a USB and NTDataOne software is required.

SKU: 9910-3550

Including USB device and NTDataOne software .

SKU: 9910-3560

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