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Probewell Connect 2.0 App for Meter and Site Testing

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Probewell Connect for WT & XT series

Probewell develops innovative metering solutions to leverage crucial digital insights
and to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Control any of our wireless testers from a laptop or mobile device


Probewell Connect app is the companion application for WT & XT Series testers.

The application is available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.


Quick and easy setup:

Start testing instantly using the Probewell Connect app without ever ­compromising safety.

Minimizing the risk of human error:

Standar­dize reports and manage user permissions by customizing the settings for your unique requirements.

Task automation:

Speed up processes while spending less time doing clerical work and redundant back-office tasks.

Real-time data:

Analyze tests and assess live results directly on your device

Test relentlessly:

A modern, sleek user interface allows you easy and quick configuration of test parameters.

Undeniable traceability:

Scan the meter ID to autofill and record meter specs, the timestamp and geolocation to produce traceable reports.

Share your finding:

Store, manage and share report via email in CSV format or as a branded PDF.

Probewell | Probewell Connect | Export Report as PDF or CSV file

Available tests

Speeds up the testing process and allows the user to perform a wide range of tests for both series.
This includes, but may not be limited to the ST-3/XT3 transformer rated wireless site tester and the MT1/WT3 and MT1/WT1 wireless field meter testers.

For the XT Series

Power Quality (PQ)

  – Real-Time Waveform

  – Phasors

  – Total Harmonic Distortion

CT & PT Ratios

CT Burden


For the WT Series

Quick Test

Full Test

Custom Test

Line Monitor

Demand Test

Measurements in Wh and VARh for both forward and reverse power flow.

Creep Test

KYZ Test

Manual / Tracking

4 Quad Test (VARh)

4 Quad Test (Wh)

Download & Documentation

Download the app

Probewell Connect | App Store
Probewell Connect | Google Play

Probewell Connect for Windows 10 Download for Windows 10

The Windows version of Probewell Connect 2.0 will be available for download shortly, you will need to signup to the Probewell Support Portal to download it.

WT Series

Probewell Connect also allows you to easily manage in-house calibration and reporting.


Sample Calibration PDF report >

Sample Calibration CSV batch export >

Probewell | IMPORTANT

Important notice for Android 10 users:

Whenever possible, Probewell strongly advises its Probewell Connect App users to update to Android 11 to fix known connections issues from the Android 10 OS and improve performances.
Probewell Lab Inc. cannot control nor be held responsible for compatibility issues resulting from mobile phone manufacturers’ non-compliance with current firmware and/or operating system standards.