Portable 3-phase watthour meter tester

The MT-1/NT3 is the smallest portable 3-phase watthour meter tester available today and weighs only 6 lb! It is an ideal tool for field-testing and periodic sampling. No setup wiring is needed. A complete test is done within a few minutes!
The MT-1/NT3 can test commercial and industrial 3-phase meter forms 12S, 14S, 15S and 16S along with single-phase meter forms 1S and 2S.
The MT-1/NT3 comes with a calibration report certifying measurement accuracy over its entire 36-point operating range using a primary standard traceable to NIST.
The MT-1/NT3 can be set to test all 3 phases simultaneously in one step (Mode Preset-quick) or set to do a full test consisting of the 3 phases simultaneously followed by each element separately (Mode Preset-full).
The MT-1/NT3 also has reverse flow testing capability for net metering installations.

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